2021-2022 at BerkleeNYC

In a long-overdue update evident from the homepage of this website, I have moved to New York City to pursue my Masters degree in Creative Media & Technology, specializing in Writing & Design for Musical Theatre, and expect to graduate in July 2022!

This was a pandemic-inspired decision process that began shortly into lockdown in 2020–I immediately asked myself how I could continue growing as a musician while live music was on pause all over the world, which led me to a broader question about my overall goals in theatre. Performing, singing, and music direction are all still important to me (I have continued doing all three since arriving at this wonderful program!), but I came to realize that writing was what I ultimately hoped to pursue and that a Masters degree was the right way for me to do so.

BerkleeNYC is a unique place, and I’m here at a unique time. It’s the first time this program has run, so this inaugural year has been full of unexpected twists and turns, not to mention COVID-related changes in plans. Nevertheless, it is thrilling to be surrounded by passionate, super-talented theatre artists, songwriters, producers, designers, and more, just a few blocks from every Broadway theater. I’m grateful to be learning from the best, with the best, in the best place to do it. And I’m excited to share the art that comes of it when all is said and done!

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