Burn: a folk musical

At BerkleeNYC, Patrick Deane Greeley and I wrote the first draft of Burn: a folk musical, the story of two touring musicians who become a part of a community of marijuana farmers in northern California which is then threatened by a wildfire.

We’ve continued to rewrite and develop the show in the months since then, including a table read with some truly fantastic actors back in November. Most recently, we were able to share a new song, “Burn Scar,” during a showcase at 54 Below (which I happened to co-produce). Give it a listen, and give us a follow at @burnmusical on Instagram to stay up-to-date with all the latest developments, performances, and videos going forward!

2021-2022 at BerkleeNYC

In a long-overdue update evident from the homepage of this website, I have moved to New York City to pursue my Masters degree in Creative Media & Technology, specializing in Writing & Design for Musical Theatre, and expect to graduate in July 2022!

This was a pandemic-inspired decision process that began shortly into lockdown in 2020–I immediately asked myself how I could continue growing as a musician while live music was on pause all over the world, which led me to a broader question about my overall goals in theatre. Performing, singing, and music direction are all still important to me (I have continued doing all three since arriving at this wonderful program!), but I came to realize that writing was what I ultimately hoped to pursue and that a Masters degree was the right way for me to do so.

BerkleeNYC is a unique place, and I’m here at a unique time. It’s the first time this program has run, so this inaugural year has been full of unexpected twists and turns, not to mention COVID-related changes in plans. Nevertheless, it is thrilling to be surrounded by passionate, super-talented theatre artists, songwriters, producers, designers, and more, just a few blocks from every Broadway theater. I’m grateful to be learning from the best, with the best, in the best place to do it. And I’m excited to share the art that comes of it when all is said and done!

Into 2020!

This coming semester, I’m looking forward to being involved with two classic musicals: Singin’ in the Rain (performed by Villanova Student Musical Theatre) and Mary Poppins (performed by the students of Upper Moreland High School)! I can’t wait to tackle both of these shows; Singin’ is a wonderful homage to classic Hollywood and makes use of a songwriting style that I’ve grown to really love in the past two years of performing in retirement communities. And Poppins, though I didn’t grow up with the film, contains so much legendary, classic music, and the students of UMHS have already been phenomenal to hear from during auditions. Both shows held auditions last week, in a flurry of activity just before a nearly 3-week break before rehearsals for both begin the first week of January, and I’m very excited to dive into both!

Singin’ will be performed February 18th – 22nd, 2020.

Poppins will be performed April 23rd – 25th, 2020.

Into The Woods

I’m happy to report that I’m working again at UPenn this fall, this time with Penn Singers Light Opera Company for their fall production of Into The Woods! I couldn’t be more excited to take on this masterfully composed and orchestrated Sondheim classic, featuring a more traditional, orchestral pit than I’ve worked with in the past, as well as a gender-bent and extraordinarily talented cast which is sure to bring one of my absolute favorite musicals to life in a way that I’m really looking forward to. Into The Woods runs November 21-23, the weekend before Thanksgiving!

After the Bar

This summer has been especially exciting because I’ve had the opportunity to perform my first few gigs with After the Bar men’s a cappella! It’s awesome to be back in this environment; performing with the Humtones in college was not only a ton of fun but also something I’d looked forward to for years. Now, I’ve got time to create new arrangements and sing with a group of talented guys. We have a handful of gigs this summer, but our concert is going to be on the evening of September 21st!